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Our experienced international team runs like a newsroom—searching for the most compelling and relevant angle for the target audience. We measure success by the reach and impact of each video.

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With a combined 17 years of video production and storytelling under our belt, we use the power of authentic and compelling stories to help mission-driven brands connect with their audiences across platforms.

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The Art of Video Storytelling

Connection Through Stories

Date: August 6, 2019 · Time: 8:30am-10am

Storytelling has long been the best way to reach and impact people. In the digital era of today, video is quickly proving to be the most effective vehicle to capture attention and spread messages. Video is nearly 80% of all Internet traffic and rising. By staying top-of-mind and sparking conversation online, nonprofits can maintain their engagement with an evermore difficult to reach audience. For nonprofits want to reach volunteers, donors or clients: video is essential.

Everyone with a smartphone already has an impressive video camera with them at all times. But recording a compelling and “shareable” video takes more than just a camera. This workshop will teach nonprofits how to spot, develop, and share compelling stories.

About the Presenter
Quinn Schneider is the founder of Story Based Brands, a corporate video marketing agency based in Portland. She spent a decade as an international radio, tv, and documentary journalist, netting over a billion views on her stories. Quinn has taught video storytelling to small businesses, non-profits, communications and marketing professionals, and young filmmakers in Spain, Africa, Brazil, and the US.

Past Workshops

What: Video Storytelling For Nonprofits (Co-hosted)
For: Friends Of Trees
Where: Portland, Oregon

What: 5 Ways To Make Videos People Actually Watch
For: World Domination Summit
Where: Portland, Oregon

What: Ethical Storytelling in the Age of Social Media
For: SAE Media Institute
Where: Cape Town, South Africa

What: Elements of Effective Video Storytelling
For: Nomad Cruise
Where: Crossing the Atlantic

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We’re a multimedia production agency based in Portland. We specialize in landing page videos, how-to videos, conference coverage, Instagram campaigns, and video courses for mission-driven companies.


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